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Gianduiotti - Limited Edition

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From the finest cocoa of the Arriba Ecuador quality of our tablets, combined with the Piedmontese Hazelnut of the highest quality, Tonda Gentile delle Langhe IGP, Gianduiotti are born in a limited edition. Gianduiotti are products of the Piedmontese tradition, handmade by master craftsmen Dabòn.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Rich in Fibers
  • Rich in vitamins of group B
  • Rich in minerals
  • No added sugars
  • Whithout soya lecithin
  • Low in sodium
  • With Inulin that lowers the glycemic index, improves the intestinal flora, increases the absorption of minerals and reduces the caloric intake.
  • With Erythritol that sweeps free radicals and has zero effects on blood sugar.

    Net weight: 100g

Low Glycemic Index

The low glycemic index allows you to not stress the metabolism for a better life.

100% Natural

Natural and nourishing ingredients allow the body to have more energy.


We mix the ingredients in a natural way without industrial processes.