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Long Chain Inulin
Long Chain Inulin
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Long Chain Inulin


La migliore crema spalmabile al cioccolato per colazione e merenda sana senza zucchero. Ricca di fibre. Dieta chetogenica.
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Dark Spread


La migliore crema al pistacchio senza zucchero e a basso indice glicemico. Fit e ricca di fibre, proteica. Vegana, senza latte, senza glutine. Artigianale, keto, bio.
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Pistachio Spreadable


Low Glycemic Index

The low glycemic index allows you to not stress the metabolism for a better life.

100% Natural

Natural and nourishing ingredients allow the body to have more energy.


We mix the ingredients in a natural way without industrial processes.