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Mini Dorayaki Dabòn

Mini Dorayaki Dabòn

For the first time I made Dorayaki, in mini version perfect to soak like cereals. The cream inside is made by@dabonitalia really creamy, delicious and super light 😍


  • 120gr flour
  • 1 egg
  • 100gr erythritol Dabòn
  • 90gr water
  • 10gr honey
  • 2gr baking powder
  • Dark cream with cocoa nibs Dabòn


Pour all the ingredients into a bowl. Mix everything first slowly and then vigorously. Take in non-stick pot, grease with coconut oil. With a teaspoon take a little 'mixture, pour on the pot and cook on one side and the other. Once ready take one, fill them with cream and close with another and so on. You will see that fluffy and good 🥰

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