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Penne Senatore Cappelli

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The Penne Senatore Cappelli Dabòn are made from the wholemeal flour of durum wheat Senatore Cappelli quality, grown and worked entirely in Sicily.

The bronze wire-drawing gives it a perfect porosity to hold the sauces at best.

They are enriched with inulin, which lowers the glycemic index and increases the fiber content within it for the well-being of the gastrointestinal and digestive system.

  • High Fiber 
  • Source of Protein
  • Vegan 


Cooking Time: 6 / 7 minutes.

Penne Senatore Cappelli

Wholemeal flour of durum wheat Senatore Cappelli variety grown in Sicily (Italy), long-chain inulin (5%), water. Contains gluten.

Values 100g

1436 KJ

339 Kcal

1,4 g
of which saturated 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 67 g
of which sugars
Fibers 7,3 g
Proteins 11 g
Salt 0,01 g

6/7 minutes



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We use ingredients of the highest quality, of local and organic origin where possible and we choose and choose them with care, also selecting them based on the
manufacturing processes carried out, to obtain a low glycemic index for all our products.

Our line of biscuits is certified with Low Glycemic Index by the Glycemic Index Foundation in Sydney and has undergone rigorous in vivo tests performed at the University of Oxford, more information qui. Due to Covid, the new products cannot be certified with a low glycemic index due to suspension of in vivo studies at our centers of excellence. We will also add “Bio” and “Gluten Free” certifications as soon as possible for some of our products.

Most Dabòn products do not contain added sugars. However, the Dabòn biscuits and the Hazelnut Spread are sweetened with organic whole coconut sugar. The choice of whole coconut sugar derives from its average glycemic index and its richness in fiber and mineral salts. Maltitol is also used in chocolate biscuit flavors. All the other products, on the other hand, use Erythritol as a sweetener, which has zero impact on blood sugar and zero calories, while still maintaining up to 70% of the sweetening power of common sugar.

Dabòn products are rich in fiber and low in glycemic index, so they do not cause an insulin peak that turns carbohydrates into fat and causes a sense of hunger. Also their rich fiber from a sense of long-term satiety.

Our spreads and our dark chocolate bars are made from gluten-free ingredients. Our cookies are made from naturally gluten-free ingredients, however there may be minimal contamination due to the laboratory in which they are produced, therefore they are suitable for people intolerant to gluten but not celiacs.

Some of our products are lactose free. The chocolate and rosemary flavored biscuits are based on extra virgin olive oil and therefore do not contain butter and therefore are suitable for lactose intolerances.

Some of our products can be included in a ketogenic diet.

Dabòn products are low in saturated fat and contain low glycemic index carbohydrates. They also have a good calorie balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This could make them suitable for a Zone diet.

The spreads, crackers and chocolate bars are vegan products.

All Dabòn biscuits have a low glycemic index officially certified in vivo, that is, with an experimentation on healthy volunteers. This means that they do not raise blood sugar levels, without causing the release of insulin. A low glycemic index diet can help reduce glycated hemoglobin by 0.5%. This will help reduce the risk of diabetic complications by approximately 20%.

Some of our biscuits contain - in particularly significant quantities - ingredients rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are very useful substances for the body and therefore recommendable. According to some scientific studies, however, they can have negative effects on the fetus. So, although low glycemic index products are generally indicated for pregnant women, some of our cookies, particularly rich in polyphenols, may not be suitable for expectant mothers in the last three months of pregnancy.

In particular, we do not recommend taking - in the last three months of pregnancy - the following biscuits:

- Chocolate and extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

- Chocolate, chilli and extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

The glycemic index (GI) measures the ability of a certain carbohydrate to raise the blood sugar level after a meal compared to a reference standard (pure glucose).

Blood sugar is the amount of sugar contained in the blood, the level of which is extremely important with respect to gaining or losing weight. The glycaemia that appears after digestion, in fact, induces the secretion of insulin which, depending on its importance, is capable of triggering or not the weight gain process.

Elevated insulin levels have been shown to be responsible for severe metabolic damage, including a persistent pro-inflammatory state that can cause the most common chronic, degenerative and cancerous diseases afflicting the population of the Western developed world.


Certainly. We ship both to Europe and to the rest of the world.

Shipping is free for orders of at least € 49. For orders of lesser amount the shipping cost on the national territory is € 6.90. The cost for EU orders is € 15.90 and it is free for orders over € 169.

Since these are handcrafted products, sometimes the waiting times are slightly longer to guarantee a product that is always fresh and of high quality. Delivery normally takes place between 3-5 working days from the order.


Paypal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Cash on Delivery, Bonifico Bancario.

Yes, cash on delivery is one of the accepted payment methods in Italy. It will involve an additional cost upon receipt of the goods - which does not depend on us but on the courier - of 5 €.


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Low Glycemic Index

The low glycemic index allows you to not stress the metabolism for a better life.

100% Natural

Natural and nourishing ingredients allow the body to have more energy.


We mix the ingredients in a natural way without industrial processes.